Siren working on deluxe album version of Beyond the Rainbow

Siren will be releasing a Deluxe version of their album “Beyond The Rainbow”.    Formed by vocalist Rob Phillips in the eighties, Phillips eventually left the group and later reformed with new members, Chris Bonelli on Bass, Chip Gardner on keyboard/organ, and Leo Boland on lead guitar.    After the recording of two albums, the band took a nine year break, and began work on “Beyond the Rainbow”.  

The band consisted of the same lineup with the exception of lead guitar. Todd Grubbs replaced Leo Boland as the new lead guitarist and final piece to the puzzle. The experience of the first two albums and the addition of a guitar virtuoso really gave the album a heavier feel that was missing before.   The first track “Lawless Life” is the beginning of the ride through the album, which is a combination of multiple genres such as hard rock, metal, jazz, and blues, that forms a progressive fusion that is the foundation of Siren’s brand of music. It is varied and eclectic and stays true to the bands sound that their fans have come to love.  

The album is being mixed by Madison Studios Wyatt Oates, and is set for release in early 2022.