“Beyond The Rainbow” Album Released Through SONY/The Orchard 

Siren is proud to release our third album, Beyond The Rainbow, which blends genres from classic progressive and hard rock, to glimpses of metal and blues. 

The Beyond The Rainbow 9-track album delivers a progressive sound, heavily familiar to Foo Fighters meets Led Zeppelin. Each song brings their own blend of rock to the table. The album is two years in the making and an attempt to push themselves to see what they are capable of achieving. 

“Beyond the Rainbow was an attempt to push ourselves and see what we’re capable of achieving, at times experimenting with the purpose of making the songs even more complex and out in left field,” shares Rob Phillips. “Most of the songs are story based as are most of our songs. A lot of the songs are about women and personal experiences in my life. I find it is best for me to draw from that well for writing and conveying the message with emotion. Sometimes that can be pain or joy.”

Beyond The Rainbow is available for streaming with distribution through The Orchard / SONY via Madison Records.