Don't Mind

After Siren disbanded in the late 80s, founding member Rob Phillips soon reformed the band along with drummer/engineer Mike Cupino in 2005. They started recording "Don't Mind", which featured a new musical direction combining prog rock, blues, and metal. "Don't Mind" was finished and released on CD in 2007 to critical success, and we are now proud to release the album to all major streaming platforms.

You Never Noticed

In 2008, three new members were added to Siren; Chris Bonelli on Bass, Chip Gardner on keyboard/organ, and Leo Boland on lead guitar. The new line up began writing and recording, and the new members expanded the band's distinct sound, allowing Siren to achieve new levels on their 2009 release "You Never Noticed". With strong encouragement from the band’s fans, “You Never Noticed” is new available digitally for the first time.