Siren Performs At Smiths Old Bar In Atlanta

Siren recently highlighted a special night of live music at the world famous Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta.

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Rock bands Ghost Of You and Siren highlighted a special night of music at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta! Hailing from South Florida, Siren was excited to be playing in Atlanta for their first time, and they were joined on the bill by Atlanta rockers Ghost of You”. Ghost Of You is a recently formed Atlanta band, yet comprised of members who have been fan favorites and legends of the music scene since the mid-late 90s.

The show sold out in advance and provided great live music to the packed crowd who attended. And it was a show with a purpose, as both bands performed to bring light to the ‘Lost Voices Of Fentanyl’ organization. Siren’s single, “February’ s Son”, was written by singer Rob Phillips whose family member Reese Puckett passed away recently at age twenty from fentanyl. Ghost Of You singer Cleve Willis expressed the same sentiment, “Over the past few years, some of us in the band have lost a few friends from this”. “And as a person in recovery myself, I’m very sensitive to these issues and I hate that it has become so prevalent, so awareness is a must”.

With new music releases on the horizon, Siren will definitely be hitting Atlanta again with more live shows.