About The Band

Described as a fusion of melodic Rock, Progressive, and Blues, South Florida band SIREN has refined and stretched the boundaries with their sound over the years, building a strong dedicated fan base. Lead singer and songwriter Rob Phillips has been the consistent centerpiece of this group since its original formation in the '80s. Along with drummer/engineer Mike Cupino, the band is embarking on their biggest success to day.

Their 3rd album, Beyond The Rainbow, was released in 2021 and was met with positive praise and critical acclaim with Press, Radio, and video placements. Blending elements of classic progressive hard rock, to glimpses of metal and blues. the 9-track album had familiar glimpses reminiscent of the Foo Fighters meets Led Zeppelin.

With the success of Beyond The Rainbow, SIREN jumped back into writing songs for their next album. Rob and Mike pushed themselves to see what they were capable of achieving, and soon found their sound evolving into a middle America roots Rock direction. The new songs were evolving into stories and memories of the everyday experiences of growing up into adulthood.

Siren began recording the new songs in Atlanta’s Madison Studios, and soon released their first single, “February Son”. “I wrote ‘February Son’ from my personal experience of the ever growing Fentanyl crises”, said Phillips. “It was a dedication to Reese Puckett, a family member of mine who unfortunately passed away at the early age of twenty from fentanyl.

Siren is now ready to introduce their latest single ‘Small Town’, the title track to their upcoming album. Small Town captures a special moment in time of growing up in a small town and experiencing life’s glowing innocence.

“I was just tooling around on my acoustic and started reflecting about growing up in my home town of Brandon Florida”, said Phillips. It was a very simple carefree time where it felt safe and everyone knew each other. My friends and I cherished exploring the town on our bikes, hanging out at the lake, and discovering new secret places. It’s a song that’s very relatable, and therefore wanted to blend a little bit of all genres for the instrumentation”.

With the concept in place, Mike then brought his ideas in to complete the framework of the song. Once recording started at Madison Studio, the band knew they had something special. Therefore, they recruited Video Director Issac Deitz from Manchester Orchestra fame, to film the video. The video was shot in multiple locations in Georgia and Florida, capturing the true essence and impact of the song.

Distributed through The Orchard / SONY via Madison Records, “Small Town” is now available as a single for streaming, with the full album to be released in the summer of 2024.