Filmed by director Issac Deitz (Manchester Orchestra, Grouplove, Switchfoot), "Small Town" captures a special era of life growing up in a Small Town. “I was just tooling around on my acoustic and started reflecting about growing up in my home town of Brandon when I was a boy,” said singer Rob Phillips. “It was a very simple and carefree time which created so many fond memories from that period in my life”

The “High Wire” video was produced by Nathan Mowrey, who directed the Fozzy “Judas” video, amassing over 50 million views. “For the “High Wire” video, we rented a circus tent with a high wire performer, a clown and fire swallower”, said Rob. “The song is the script for the video, which was filmed in Black and White grainy stock, along with red color accents. “At the beginning of the video, the audience enters a circus tent and the world that exists inside”, said Rob. “A Clown is the main character and is in Love with the High Wire girl. He tries to win her affection time and time again but fails at every opportunity”.

The “Lawless Life” video was shot and directed by industry producer Nathan Mowery.  “The song is a tribute to Clint Eastwood’s western movies”, said singer Rob Phillips, “so we wanted to go with a spaghetti western vibe for the video”.    To find the right setting for this theme, the band and crew set there sights on Georgia, where the majority of the video was filmed.