“Lawless Life” Released Through SONY/The Orchard 

Siren’s “Lawless Life” is now available on all major Streaming and Download platforms, and is the first single release from the upcoming Beyond The Rainbow album.

Siren’s Lawless Life EP is now available on all major Streaming and Download platforms.  “Lawless Life” is the featured track on the self titled single, and will be serviced to  national media outlets.  Siren’s diverse influences are evident on Lawless Life which encompass a mix of hard rock, Progressive, Metal, and Blues.  Executive produced by Rob Phillips and engineered by Mike Cupino, “Lawless Life” was mixed by Wyatt Oates at Madison Records.  The mixing process went so well, Oates was then enlisted to mix the remainder of the upcoming album. . 

A video for “Lawless Life” was shot and directed by industry producer Nathan Mowery.  “The song is a tribute to Clint Eastwood’s western movies”, said singer Rob Phillips, “so we wanted to go with a spaghetti western vibe for the video”.    To find the right setting for this theme, the band and crew set there sights on Georgia, where the majority of the video was filmed.  The video is set for release in early 2022.   

Click here to listen to “Lawless Life”.